Million Mile Light Motion Powered Light

Million Mile LightSome people love to schedule their jogs very early in the morning or at night. At both times, the darkness may pose a common challenge for them. But since it may be the only available time they have to jog, some runners make do by bringing along a portable light source to be visible in the dark. The Million Mile Light may be a hassle-free option that early morning or late evening joggers may welcome.

The Million Mile Light by Positively Human is an ultra-bright portable safety light designed for runners. It is small enough not to be a problem for runners and yet bright enough to provide sufficient signal lighting for early morning or dusk runs. It comes with four ultra bright LED’s which blinks with every step the runner takes. Special lenses provide some brightness boost as each LED offers 30 lumens of light that spreads out 120 degrees, making the runner visible from over two hundred meters.

But what makes the Million Mile Light unique is that it does not require frequent battery changes since it is powered by the motion made by the wearer during the run. The device comes with a small and silent kinetic engine that powered the LED lights. This portable light only weighs 36 grams and simply attaches to a provided waistband. The Million Mile Light is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of around $19 will get you a single pack with one Million Mile Light and waistband.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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