Milktape: A USB Drive Shaped Like a Cassette Tape

If you grew up during the 80s and 90s, you probably know how to make a mixtape. I, for one, remember it like it was yesterday: I put the blank cassette tape into the recorder, turned on the FM radio, and recorded every No Doubt, Christina Aguilera, and Ace of Base song until the tape runs out.

Sadly kids nowadays could never experience simple joys like such, at this age when you could simply dunk thousands of songs in one drive. They can, however, simulate making a mixtape with the new MilkTape, a USB drive shaped like a cassette tape. This drive is taking the cassette tape concept to the T, from the folding plastic container, the blank sleeve where you can write all the tracks, down to the very limited number of songs you can save in it.

MilkTape only has 128MB worth of storage, enough space to fit in around 15 songs so you need to make sure these songs are the ones you truly like and love. The USB key swings out from the bottom of the cassette on a hinge and works on both PC and Mac.

The MilkTape is now available online for $15, plus it ships anywhere in the world.

Source: Reddit, via TechCrunch

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