MiiPC Introduced at Kickstarter

It seems that crowdsourcing new and unique gadgets have increasingly been finding its way into Kickstarter. This crowdsourcing site seems to have become a magnet for worthy and interesting devices. It is not known if such devices have been neglected by venture capitalists or angel investors that the creators end up launching them at Kickstarter.

But whatever reason it may be, these gadgets certainly has been getting a lot of press, eventually getting more publicity and even more of the crowdsourcing audience donating or pre-ordering the devices way before they are manufactured. One of the recent ones to have been launched at Kickstarter is the MiiPC. It was launched just recently by Yong Song, the founder of eMachines.

The MiiPC is introduced into the Kickstarter audience as a family computer based on the Android platform. It will be designed as a family friendly computer with features ideal for family members of all ages. It is especially touted as a kid-friendly PC that will allow parents to maintain control over what their children access online through the MiiPC.

The MiiPC provides parents with the means to monitor their kid’s PC use even while away using a companion mobile app. The mobile app allows parents to monitor their kid’s activities on the MiiPC as well as change the settings of what their kids can access online.

The MiiPC features a Marvel Armada Family Series 1.2 GHz dual core processor, a 1GB DDR RAM, and a 4GB internal flash memory. It also comes with a HDMI port as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The project is eyeing to raise around $50,000 in crowdsourcing cash. Kickstarter visitors can either donate or pay for a unit at US$89 with an early bird discount. The early birds will also be able to receive their units before the expected July 15 scheduled availability of the device on the market. After that, the MiiPC may be priced higher than that.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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