Miidori Wooden Pens

Writing may be something that is becoming a lost art for some people because of the proliferation of the many portable gadgets today. There are computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets that many people somehow now prefer to use. When creating a message, people now do it on their portable devices by using keyboards. It seems that writing using pen and paper may be on the way out. But before that may happen, there are people who still cherish this somehow “lost art”. They might want to use something that looks natural. There are Miidori Wooden Pens that make this possible.

People who still look at writing as an art form are those who love making the curves, motion and look of natural handwriting over paper. In order to do it, they should have some good handwriting implement on hand. The Miidori Pens would look ideal for the job. Not only does it look simple as a pen, it is made out of natural wood to give it some character. Even some people today may have taken those pens for granted. Commercialization and mass production may have taken the art away from making them. However, it is pens like the Miidori Wooden Pens that brings back the art into them.

The Miidori Wooden Pens are made out of smooth ebony and tulipwood. They come in two options, natural look and black. The simplicity of the pen combined with its strong hold makes the pen quite an ideal instrument to cherish that practice of writing on paper. The Miidori Wooden Pens are available at Monocle for 42 UK Pounds or around US$65. It is the beauty, quality and the art that people look for when buying such exquisite writing instruments. There are ordinary pens available for those who look more for practicality.

Image Source: Monocle

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