Midnight Shot NV1 Night Vision Digital Camera

Most digital cameras are designed to capture images in certain lighting conditions. There are others that may be able to capture images even in low light conditions. But lower than that and they become quite useless. For those who may have the need to take images in darker than usual conditions, the Midnight Shot NV1 Night Vision Camera would come in quite handy.

The Midnight Shot NV1 Night Vision Camera is a digital camera that allows you to shoot images even in total darkness. It is a digital camera that is equipped with an invisible infrared flash to light up your subjects in the dark. It can be used either in its standard photography mode and the infrared night shot mode. The Midnight Shot NV1 comes with a 5MP CMOS sensor, a 3″ LTPS LCD display, a 16MB memory with an SD card slot for adding up to 8GB of external memory, and can shoot both in still and video formats.  It is available at ThinkGeek for US$130.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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