Microvision Show WX Pico Projector Now Available

Microvision has announced that its Show WX pico projector is now available for order in the United States.

This laser-based pico projector offers infinite focus, which means the picture will remain in focus  no matter how much the user twists or how far the projected surface is or jerks the projector around.  An image with a 848 x 480 resolution can be scaled from as small as six inches wide up to 200 inches.  Contrast ratio is greater than 5,000:1, while the battery can last for up to two hours in a single charge.

Meanwhile, the limited edition also features a personalized splash screen, LE insignia, a certificate of authenticity, and a VGA dock among others.

The standard edition of the Microvision Show WX pico projector costs US$549, while the limited edition model costs $999.

Source:  Engadget

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