Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Leaked

Microsoft Turtle, Microsoft's Windows Phone Smartphone

After Microsoft unveiled its newest mobile OS called Windows Phone 7 , people are expecting that the software giant would introduce a bunch of “Microsoft phones” as well.  It did not happen.  However, the people over at WMExperts have discovered a really juicy scoop that Microsoft is indeed developing a new line of Windows-powered smartphones.

One model is nicknamed the Turtle (pictured) , which is a GSM handset with 320 x 240 resolution display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  The phone may look deceptively simple, but it is said it will incorporate social networking features and media as well.  This phone also comes with a CDMA version called Pride.  Meanwhile, Microsoft Pure features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 480 x 320 resolution screen, and appears like a Sidekick.  Its CDMA counterpart is named Lion.  All smartphones contain NVIDIA Tegra system, which bursts the screens with rich content and presentation.

Expect more info to trickle down the pipe in the coming days.

Source:  WMExperts , via MobileCrunch

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