Microsoft Zune

Failure to compare Microsoft Zune to Apple’s iPod is almost impossible, as many have been betting that iPod, the most popular digital giant, has finally faced a rival in Zune. Boasting a 30GB hard disk drive capacity, a video player, radio Data System (RDS) enable FM receiver, a 3-inch screen and WiFi, Zune has a very good playback performance of audio and possesses a colorful and polished interface.

However, most of the features listed above are similar to the core features of 30GB Apple iPod Video, including the weight (158.8 grams), dimensions (11.2 x 6.1 x 1.4 cm), playback duration (14 hours for audio, 4 hours for video), TV-out and a USB 2.0.

Zune supports MP3 ans WMA music files, as well as WMV, MPEG-4 and H.24 video files. It also support AAC files which gives advantage for people who has the knack for ripping CD using iTunes. However, Microsoft’s player doesn’t have a built-in voice recorder.

The package also includes a carrying case, headphones and Microsoft’s $15-per-month music subscription service. However, one should not get excited with WiFi because its implementation is so limited that the potential isn’t realized.

Despite its attempt to surpass or even equate iPod’s capabilities, Zune attempts to innovation without the necessary execution while retaining as a decent media player.

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