Microsoft Zune HD

Microsoft Zune HD MP3 player

The Microsoft Zune portable media has not been getting the love it deserves until they released its HD version recently.  The latest incarnation is a big leap forward in terms of speed, usability, video quality, and design.

The new Microsoft Zune HD not only can play your favorite tunes, but also HD videos and even high-definition radio, as it can handle streams from multicasting Internet radio channels.  Found a song that you like as you listen?  You can simply tag it and purchase it through Zune Marketplace, which can also be your one-stop site to buy TV show episodes, stream music, and even receive expert recommendations from other Zune owners whom you share interests with. 

This device also prides itself for having a longer battery life compared to iPod Touch.  While the popular Apple player can run music for up to 30 hours (6 hours on video playback), the Microsoft Zune HD can play your audio files for up to 33 hours and 8.5 hours of video.

To maximize your enjoyment for this fab Christmas gadget, however, you have to purchase its premium services like the US$15-a-month Zune Pass to play your playlist of "unpurchased" songs from the Marketplace, as well as accessories like the $80-HDMI docking station so you can play 720p high-definition videos on your HDTV.  On its own, the Microsoft Zune HD is available starting at $220.

Image source:  Microsoft

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