Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft XBox 360

Generations of video game consoles have been introduced over the years, but there are a few that have become known for their wide range of game titles and excellent graphics. One of which is Microsoft Xbox 360. A second version of the Xbox, Xbox 360 is a next-generation game console whose strength lies in its extensive digital media features.

Aside from traditional video gaming, the console also lets you watch HD-DVD movies, play the games online, and even download pay-per-view movies and television shows. Another cool feature that Xbox 360 introduced is the wireless controllers, which has been emulated by Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3.

Once the unit is turned on, the user sees the easy-to-use Dashboard interface that lets the user browse through the console’s online capabilities, gamer’s status, availability of games or pay-per-view programs for downloading, media outlets, and system settings.

Xbox 360 comes in different models, ranging from the Arcade version to the 120-GB Elite that even comes with an HDMI cable and hard drive. Earlier versions of the console has become prone to "Red Ring of Death", which make it unusable and have since been offered with a limited three-year warranty.

Although the "system crash" has been resolved, the console still has its downsides such as a noisy exhaust fan and DVD drive. It also has a gigantic power supply, while DVD playback has substandard video quality, and not all Xbox games can be played on Xbox 360.

Despite these overwhelming flaws, Microsoft Xbox 360 is still undisputed when it comes to bringing the video gaming experience to a whole new level.

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