Microsoft Windows Unveils Windows 8 OS

Microsoft Windows has just unveiled its latest OS, codenamed “Windows 8,” by no less than its president Steven Sinofsky during the D9 trade event. The appearance is pretty much like Windows Phone 7‘s Metro UI and is designed for devices with touchscreens.

The Windows 8 will come in two applications: One will run in traditional desktop computers, while the other features pseudo-mobile apps based on HTML5 and Javascript. The new OS will also support keyboard and mouse for touchscreen-deprived devices, as well as a set of virtual keys for different form factors. It has multitasking, which is achieved by simply swiping running apps into the center of the screen and pulling windows partway to “snap” them alongside other windows. This function would allow traditional desktop programs to mix and matching with web apps, using them simultaneously (such as Twitter and spreadsheet).

Windows 8 will also have a new version of Internet Explorer 10 as default browser. The IE 10 features Microsoft Silverlight and has an integrated app store and services like Office 365.

Microsoft Windows has yet to reveal when Windows 8 will be released and priced, as well as the final name of the OS.

Source: Engadget

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