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microsoft-surface-studioMicrosoft’s venture  into the hardware market didn’t really hit off. From their Windows Phone to their Surface tablets, the market hasn’t really taken off as expected. Although it may have been quite disappointing up to a certain level, Microsoft is not giving up in any way just because of a few missteps or miscues. There were lessons they learned in their first foray into the hardware market and they may be trying to apply those lessons on their next products. They may have made the right move with the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

The new Microsoft Surface Studio is a new desktop computer that may be unlike any other in the market today. It may even be in a unique category in itself. It is designed primarily as a workstation for creators and for creative people who look for an accurate visual result of their work. This 28-inch touchscreen display offers features that are not available in current workstations for graphic and visual-centric work. The display, by virtue of its 10-point multi-touch screen can also act as a writing and drawing surface. Its ultrahigh resolution display also supports pen input.

The new Microsoft Surface Studio also comes with a new accessory called a Surface Dial, a small metal knob that interacts with the display when it is placed against the screen and rotated. It will provide an added tool for creative minds to explore and use. Its design

The new Microsoft Surface Studio is also quite a workhorse in terms of specs. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 2GBGeForce GTX 965M GPU and comes  with a 1TB drive. The basic unit will cost at around $3,000 and will ship sometime early next year.

Image Source: Microsoft

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