Microsoft Surface prone to dim screens

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

The latest Microsoft Surface tablets are prone to overheating, which kills its screen and becomes unusable, at least that is according to a number of frustrated users airing their grievances to the company’s community forum.

These customers added that their Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 overheat while playing games or running two apps at the same time. A spokesperson for Microsoft has acknowledged the problem on the forum, saying the company is aware of the issue.

“Surface devices may dim the screen as thermal temperatures rise from extended, high CPU intensive activities — like gaming,” the spokesperson posted, adding that it only happens on a number of Microsoft Surface tablets.

“We’re working on a tuning update that will remove this unnecessary dimming event. You can expect this update in an upcoming Windows Update package. In the meantime allow the Surface to cool down for a minute or so in order to return the screen to previous brightness levels.”

But other users claim their Surface tablets overheat even on activities that are “hardly graphically demanding”, such as browsing the Web. Microsoft has yet to comment on that complaint. It’s Thanksgiving, you know.

Source: The Register

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