Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out Hours After Launch

Looks like people really want a piece of the Microsoft Surface Pro. The $999 128GB Windows 8 Pro slab was sold out in the online Microsoft Store in the US just hours after it went on sale today. Meanwhile, stocks of the 64GB version were depleted hours later.

It is not the end of it, though, as the Surface Pro is also available in physical retail stores like Best Buy. You need to be quick, however, as TechCrunch reports that stock levels (using Best Buy’s online tool) are “unavailable” in a lot of its stores and they are running out fast.

Reviews have been positive about the Surface Pro, which runs the full version of Windows 8 and comes with full Windows desktop applications. John Biggs of TechCrunch finds the Pro tablet a “much more compelling device” compared to the Surface RT.

The RT version of the tablet, which retails at $500 for the 32GB model, was sold out within one day. The Pro, however, has sold out even faster. It has to be noted, though, that reports claim that Microsoft was only planning to have an initial shipment volume of one million Surface Pro tablets, which is about one-fourth of the planned shipment volume of the Surface RT.

Source: WinBeta, via TechCrunch

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