Microsoft Surface 2: Still on Windows RT, but better

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft released its own line of tablets called Surface. Its first model, simply named Microsoft Surface, had lukewarm reception mainly due to its Windows RT operating system, a watered-down take on Windows 8. The tablet was actually outshoned by its more expensive cousin, the Surface Pro, which runs on full Windows 8 and sports an Intel Core i5 CPU.

The company has unveiled a new generation of its Surface tablets in time for the holidays. Leading the pack is the Microsoft Surface 2, which still runs on Windows RT but has gone a major overhaul.

Microsoft Surface 2

The Microsoft Surface 2 is slightly slimmer than its predecessor, sporting a 1.7GHz Nvidia tegra 4 processor, and a much-higher 1,920 x 1,080 resolution screen. Its cameras are also improved at 3.5 megapixels at the front and 5 megapixel at the rear.

Even the exterior is different from last time. The branding of the new tablet reads “Surface” at the back rather than “Microsoft.” The built-in kickstand can now be adjusted to two different angles (24 and 40 degrees). Its optional keyboard covers has become thinner and is now equipped with backlights.

The Microsoft Surface 2 starts at $449 and will be available beginning October 22.

Source: CNET

Image source: Sarah Tew/ CNET

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