Microsoft Slashes Xbox 360 Console Price

Xboc 360

Microsoft recently lowered the prices for its Xbox 360 game consoles in an effort to boost sales. This is in response to the console not being able to keep up with its competitors feature-wise in attracting new consumers. Slashing the price of the Microsoft game console is one of the best ways for the company to boost their sales in absence of having innovations added into it. And it might just attract a number of consumers to buy them.

Affordability is an effective means to attract new consumers. And with the Xbox 360 having its price slashed by as much as 80 bucks, it indeed becomes quite an attractive offer. With the price slash, the Xbox becomes the most affordable gaming console in the market, going for at least 50 bucks lower than the best selling Nintendo Wii. High end units of the Xbox 360 also followed suit in the price slashing escapade.

Making the Xbox 360 consoles more affordable will have a beneficial effect on the sales of the number three video game console in the market. It would certainly boost sales by capturing a certain segment of the gaming console market and even making new ones in the process. It would only be some time before PS3 and the Wii to follow suit just to maintain their standing. This time, it’s Microsoft who made the first move.

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