Microsoft Reacts to Google's Accusation of Cheating

In response to Google‘s accusation that its search engine results is copying Google’s own, Microsoft flatly denied that Bing is using Google search results and even referred to the accusation as “hostile,” “deceptive,” and “insulting.”

“For a competitor to accuse any one of these people of such activity is just insulting,” wrote senior vice-president Yusuf Mehdi. “Google engaged in a ‘honeypot’ attack to trick Bing.”

This means that, according to Mehdi, Google’s “experiment” was rigged to manipulate Bing’s search results using a type of attack known as “click fraud,” which is also used by spammers to lure consumers and produce bogus search results.

Mehdi even pointed the accusing finger back to Google, claiming that it copied Bing’s visual features, travel search, and social integration, which Microsoft took “no issue.”

Google has yet to respond to Microsoft’s statement.

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