Microsoft Office 2010 Released Date Announced

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft confirmed that their 2010 version of its Office productivity suite will be released in June of next year, with the beta version now available for download.  This comes as the Office faces new competition from cloud-based productivity programs like Google Apps, most of which are free.

Among the improvements seen on the Microsoft Office 2010 includes sidebar enhancements on Word 2010 like the Navigation Pane, which replaces the Document Map feature on Word 2007, as well as a contextual spell-check that also verifies how each word is used in the sentence.  For instance, phrases like "I am excited to sea you" would be corrected.  Meanwhile, the PivotTable and PivotChart functions on Excel 2010 are fine-tuned and database organizer Access 2010 includes alerts in case of blocked active content.

Its trial version will no longer be a pain, unlike last time when users could only read files once past the trial period.  The advertising-supported Office 2010 Starter, which will come preinstalled on PCs produced by most manufacturers, features streamlined versions of Word and Excel where documents can be created, viewed, and saved.  Those who wish to upgrade a full version of Office 2010 will only need to purchase a single-use license code printed on a plastic card sold on retailers.

Meanwhile, users who prefer free, browser-oriented productivity tools will enjoy the Office Web, which will include streamlined versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  These tools will be available through Microsoft’s Windows Live portal and launch directly within a user’s browser.

Image source:  Microsoft

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