Microsoft Introduces Kinect Games for Hardcore Gamers

The games being offered on Kinect may have been teased as nothing but a bunch of virtual parlor games, but at this year’s E3 presentation, Microsoft unveils a new line of games for Kinect intended for hardcore gamers… and we mean Star Wars hardcore.

First in line is Star Wars Kinect, which actually debuted during last year’s E3, but this time Microsoft asures the press that the game will finally be available. When, you ask? They didn’t say; hopefully before next year’s E3. Other games that will soon be enjoyed on Kinect include Mass Effect 3, utilizing its voice recognition support for a more immersive warfare experience; Ghost Recon and its Gunsmith add-on that allows players to customize the inner working parts of the game’s guns; Roman Empire-based sword-slashing game RYSE (pictured); Forza Motorsport 4, which also utilizes voice recognition as well as head tracking; and Fable The Journey, in which spells and effects are controlled by motion. Of course, Kinect staples like Dance Central 2 will also arrive soon.

Source: CrunchGear

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