Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLensIt is always exciting to hear about new and innovative products being introduced in the market. Technology always has a hand in such things. While some technology may not be entirely new and innovative, finding unique and novel ways to use them can be just as exciting. Microsoft recently did just that with its unveiling of the new Microsoft HoloLens.

The Microsoft HoloLens may look like to some people as the software giant’s answer to Google Glass. True, it also delves on augmented reality where digital objects and tools are integrated into the physical world you see through the special eyewear. Microsoft is introducing this special eyewear as a wireless 3D holographic display to accompany Windows Holographic, the new platform that will allow developers to create a 3D holographic interface into any of the new Windows 10 applications.

The Microsoft HoloLens comes with its own CPU as well as graphic and holographic processors. It will be able to detect where you are in the room and work to allow you to respond and manipulate with the 3D objects that float around you. It does not require any external markers or cameras in order to work. Microsoft is eyeing the HoloLens as a useful companion for designers, as a unique interactive training tool as well as a new platform for gaming applications. Microsoft also reported that it is also working with Jet Propulsion Labs to study the possibilities of using the HoloLens to control the Mars Rover.

The new Microsoft HoloLens may open new doors of using augmented reality and holograms and how they can be integrated into our daily lives. It offers many exciting features may or may not be a hit in the near future. But as always, something new to check out in the gadget world is always a good thing.

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