Microsoft explains Xbox One’s non-gaming features

Xbox One home screen

Xbox One home screen

The launch of Xbox One is nearing and Microsoft reveals in advance some of the next-gen console’s new features. In is company blog, Microsoft talks about 10 non-gaming features of the upcoming console, explaining how Xbox One is more of an all-in-one entertainment device rather than a video game gadget.

Most of the features listed involve the console’s interaction with the user’s TV set. For instance, voice controls enable you to command the Xbox One to switch channels or adjust the volume. You could also connect your cable or satellite box to the Xbox One and be able to watch live television without having to switch TV inputs, as well as receive multiplayer game invites as you are watching TV.

The new console also runs apps apart from video games, even multiple apps at the same time like in Windows 8, as well as Skype. This makes the Xbox One conveniently switch from gaming to non-gaming uses.

Xbox One can play apps and games side-by-side

Don’t have cable? The Xbox One has got you covered, as it works with a number of TV apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, FiOS, Twitch, and NFL. The console will even provide a customized entertainment guide, showing you what is showing on live TV and on the apps, thus cutting down on search time.

Lastly, the new console comes with SmartGlass app, which would help integrate it with your tablet and smartphone. Through this, you would be able to check in on your game progress and achievements on your Xbox Live accounts, as well as navigate the console’s menus and search for content. Selected search results can be pinned onto the Xbox One home screen so you could see it right away once you come back from work. The SmartGlass app will be launched on the same day as the console and will work on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android devices.

The Xbox One will roll out in stores starting November 22.

Source: Xbox Blog

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