Microsoft Developing Their Own Wii-Remote for the xBox360

Xbox 360 Console

xBox 360 is said to be in the process of keeping up with its competition by coming up with its own motion sensitive controller. With the surging popularity of the Wii controller from Nintendo and with Sony launching its own motion sensitive controller for the PS3, it seems that Microsoft with its own popular xBox 360 gaming console would soon be following suit.

There has no official word yet coming from the people at Microsoft and xBox 360. Until someone from their side brings out some official word, these wii remote for xBox stories will remain as rumors and hearsays for most people. And coming out with its version of the motion sensitive controller may seem to be a late development move for Microsoft since the competition may have already made some advances worth about two years at least. But then, it would be a case of better late than never.

With the so-called wii remote version for xBox 360 still a rumor, it still may be good news for avid gamers using the said console. It would provide them with a wider range of gaming titles to try out and maybe more exciting gaming features to follow-up in the future, if the wii remote rumors are indeed true.

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