Microsoft Denies New Xbox Console

Project Natal

They have been as secretive as the CIA about the intricate details of their motion sensor with a debatably catchy nickname, Project Natal.  Sure, you can play with your whole body without any controls at all-just make sure you do not step out of the borders-but what should the gamers be excited about?  A new console, perhaps?

Microsoft quickly dismissed the rumors that there will be a new Xbox console integrated with Natal-ish technology.  What they do reveal, however-in a much cryptic fashion-that with Project Natal, games would "look or perform better" and that it will have "similar hardware" with Nintendo Wii, only "upgraded, repackaged, and rebranded."

So how will Microsoft "upgrade, repackage, and rebrand" Xbox 360 then, considering that there really not much of a difference between that and PlayStation 3 in terms of gaming quality, without creating a whole new console?  I guess it would be best to let Microsoft scratch their heads on that one.

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