Microsoft Courier to be Released in 2011

The Microsoft Courier, the dual-screen tablet from you-know-what, has been said to be coming to retail in 2011. What month, what quarter, what semester? We are not sure. The reason for holding the release of the Courier, according to sources, is that Microsoft still has issues with the gadget’s very short battery life as it gets drained quickly because of the double screens. Another reason is that, learning from the mistakes done by Apple and its iPad, simply pleading for designers to develop content for them is not the way to go, which is why Microsoft is beginning to think outside the box in regards to providing content and marketing.

Engadget fears, however, that by the time the Courier is out it would only cater to the handful of people who have yet to have an iPad “or any of the other *pads that may appear in the next year.”

Source:  Never Know Tech, via CrunchGear

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