Microsoft Arc Keyboard: All the Style without the Extras

Microsoft Arc Keyboard

Microsoft unveils its new Arc Keyboard without much fanfare, especially during its keynote speech at the CES 2010.  Nevertheless, this new peripheral is undeniably stylish with its arch-like body that is ergonomic enough without looking freakish (like being split into two).

It does what your usual keyboard can do, but since it is wireless it comes with its own 2.4GHz Nano Transceiver that you can either plug to the PC or store underneath the keyboard body and still works like a charm.  Unlike other keyboards, it is light on extra features with a few extra function keys and the absence of a number pad.

The Microsoft Arc Keyboard will be available exclusively on Best Buy beginning February 21, 2010, for US$59.95 with a three-year limited warranty.

Image source:  Microsoft

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