Microsoft Announces New Features for Zune

microsoft zune

At about the same time Steve Jobs was introducing the new iPods and iTunes at the Apple Let’s Rock event in San Francisco, the big boys from Seattle released a press statement on their own music player, the Microsoft Zune.

Now I’m not really sure if it would be fair to Microsoft that we’re putting their Zune in an article with with the iPod.  Sure they are both music players but the iPod is the iPod and the Zune simply took too long to release that nobody knows about it.

Anyway, a new Zune is coming out with a bunch of new features according to a press release from Microsoft.   Oh yes, it’s the second generation of Zunes.  This time around, the new Zunes will pack more punch and capabilities than the iPod classic.  However, these new toys only measure up to the capabilities of the iPod Touch except for the multi-touch screen.

Moreover, the Zune compensates by adding a feature that Apple deliberately overlooks, FM radio.  That’s right, the new Zunes will pack 60GB or 120GB capacity WiFi and FM radio.

"Zune, Microsoft Corp.’s end-to-end music and entertainment service, again revolutionizes how customers discover and connect to the music they love, where and how they want it. Starting next week, every Zune portable media player will let consumers wirelessly download or stream millions of songs on the go from thousands of wireless hot spots around the country. Free, powerful software and firmware updates will give Zune owners the ability to discover, tag and purchase songs directly from the built-in FM radio, wirelessly access the Zune Marketplace store on the go, and tap into interactive, personalized music recommendations that add even more value to the Zune Pass subscription. Zune is also expanding its device lineup with new 16GB and 120GB capacities as well as shiny new blue-on-silver and sleek all-black color schemes. The new features will begin rolling out on Sept. 16, 2008." 

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