MicroSD Card Reader Watch

One of the more popular digital storage platforms today come in the form of flash memory cards like the MicroSD. It can now be found in most smart phones and portable media devices. Most people now store files and other data on MicroSD cards but may have concerns of not being able to keep them handy all the time due to their tiny size. Having this unique MicroSD Card Reader Wrist Watch may change all that.

This unique MicroSD Card Reader Watch features a built-in MicroSD Card Reader on its wrist strap. With a USB cord, the handy MicroSD Card Reader can be conveniently connected to a computer to transfer or save files and data without having to dig around your bag. Wearing a card reader on your wrist as part of the watch sure beats having to look for that flash drive when you need it the most. The MicroSD Card Reader Watch is available at ThinkGeek for US$16.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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