Micro Suitcase Scooter

Frequent travelers going in and out of airports know that having a good way of carrying the personal luggage around is a must. And having a means to go move quickly from one terminal to the other, as is the case when taking connecting flights, may be the difference between the arriving at the next destination or missing it. For those who need it, the Micro Suitcase Scooter may just provide the answer to such problems.

The Micro Suitcase Scooter is a handy personal luggage that comes with its own built-in scooter. This unique piece of luggage is designed in collaboration with Samsonite. The handy scooter folds down when not in use. It offers a unique way to go around the terminal faster. The Micro Suitcase Scooter is also permitted for use as a hand luggage. It is available at Micro Scooters for 250 UK Pounds or around US$404.

Image Source: Micro Scooter

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