MIA Interactive Pet Robot

People love having pets at home. But there are times when work can get in the way and leave the pets unattended at home. This can be sad and frustrating especially for pet dogs that need companionship. But just like in many cases, there are options that can help resolve this problem for pet owners, like this new MIA Interactive Pet Robot.

The MIA Interactive Pet Robot can be your pet’s ideal companion. It can be an interactive substitute if you can’t be with your pet cat or dog for the most part of the day or when you go to travel for a couple of days or more. This robot can function as a pet playmate as well as a giver of treats. MIA works with an app that you can set up when it can give your pet dog or cat the treat or when and how long it can play. This pet robot comes with different sensors that allow it to navigate around the home and avoid obstacles.

The MIA Interactive Pet Robot also comes with a system wherein it detects incessant dog barking and then initiates its play mode in order to prevent your pet dog from making too much noise. The pet robot also comes with a built in camera that can give pet owners a live view of their pet for some added peace of mind. The MIA Interactive Pet Robot is available for pre-order at Kickstarter for around $131.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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