Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent

Going out camping is an exciting adventure for many people during the summer season.  But staying overnight in the wild outdoors can sometimes be unexciting for some. Setting up a tent, for example, can be a challenge. For those who find the task difficult, this Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent can make outdoor life a bit more convenient.

Modular Tent

The Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is unique in that it makes use of an inflatable design when setting up. Instead of a stick pole frame, this tent makes use of an air frame that inflates from a single point using a high flow hand pump. This way, users can set up the tent in seconds and with fewer complications. Once the tent is up, it can be secured to the ground using guy ropes. This is a tent that even the young ones will be able to pitch in no time.

Not only that, the Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is also made with a modular design. One tent set-up can be combined with several other Mi-Camp tent to add rooms as needed and design the customized tent layout in mind. There is no limit to the number of rooms the tent can have, as long as you have the Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tents you need. A single tent can house up to four people and comes with an internal height that allows people to have standing room inside.

The Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is ideal not only for camping or outdoor adventures. It can also prove to be valuable in emergency situations where instant housing or an office setup may be needed, all thanks to its modular design. This unique tent set up is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for a special price of around $399. Expected delivery will be around November of this year up to March of the next one.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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