Mezzo d-9 Folding Bike

mezzo d-9

The Mezzo d-9 is a folding bike with a simple design and a light frame. It has small wheels, which makes it even more convenient to use compared to its successor, the d-10, which has rather large wheels and a heavy frame. Despite its light frame and small wheels, the d-9 is a fast bike.

The Mezzo d-9 model has a sharp steering which adds an extra advantage to it. It is comfortable to ride in because there is plenty of room for seat and handlebar adjustments.

The fact that the d-9 is easy to handle, has a light weight, a compact size, an a simple yet clever design makes it extra appealing. For great performance, practicality, and durability, the Mezzo d-9 is by far your best shot. It is sold at £645.

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