Metro Pink Cosmopolitan Phone

Metro Pink Cosmopolitan Phone

Today’s mobile phones can be a bit boring, that is, if you are into color.  I mean, what’s with all the stuck-up, blah-looking black?  Good thing this quirky phone comes in a delightful pink!

The Metro Pink Cosmopolitan is the "girlified" version of the Metro Cellphone, which has gained quite a following in China.  It has a unique 2.8-inch QVGA swivel screen that reveals a QWERTY keyboard after turning the display around.  The Metro Pink Cosmopolitan comes as an unlocked, quad-band, dual-SIM phone, providing better coverage and the freedom to choose up to two wireless networks that you want to subscribe.  It even has a built-in mirror at the back of the swivel display for quick touch-ups and also serves as a "preview monitor" as you take self photos with its digital camera, which also doubles as a video camera.

The Metro Pink Cosmopolitan is available at Chinavision for about US$100.  It also comes with a free 2GB microSD card for early buyers.

Image source:  Chinavision

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