Metaphys Nebula- The Hourglass Gone Digital

There are gadgets that are designed not just for function but also to provide an update in terms of the technology that operates it. It may be explanatory in that sense. But giving some already existing device this update in tech makes them become even more appealing. One example would be this unique Metaphys Nebula, a digital version of the ancient hourglass.

The Metaphys Nebula is a unique hourglass device that operates as a timer just like those ancient versions of the device. But this time, LED technology gives it an updated feature. Instead of sand going down from one end to another by virtue of gravity, the movement of the LED lighting inside is programmed to mimic the same function based on time. Users can select how long the LED lights move down in one-minute increments.

The Metaphys Nebula is ideal for use where the function of a timer is needed. It will be a great fit in kitchens, desks and even the bedside, not5 just because of its function but also for its sleek stylish look. A pair of AA alkaline batteries or via a USB connection can power the Metaphys Nebula digital hourglass or timer. The Metaphys Nebula is available at the Metaphys store for 4980 Japanese Yen or around US$62.

Image Source: Metaphys

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