Mercedes Benz S Class Saloon

Mercedes Benz S Class Saloon

Offering a fast comfortable ride for car lovers, the Mercedes S-Class is possibly the best car in its class. A well-rounded vehicle, Mercedes Benz S is the perfect amalgamation of modern technology and outstanding aesthetics.

Laden on its sophistication, it boasts quality built and head-turning good looks. It embodies both classic and more traditional Mercedes’s style. Its elegances is not easily matched for looks and the car is very attracted to be compared from others.

While S Class is simple and pleasant to drive, it offers a classic interior layout as seats that provide support and comfort. The light manner in which the car responds to driver input belies its size and weight. This prime comfort deserves a prime price.

While some car brands offer higher standard of equipment for less money, many buyers are still willing to pay more for the image that Mercedes has to offer. It must be noted however that despite the fact that this brand offers class to passengers, it can’t accommodate luggage or large cargo.

Drivers wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the S Class controls because they are easy to use and logically located. Front seat and rear seat passengers’ experience with it is a shower of comfort as they enjoy the seats with massage feature.

The car’s doors provide accessibility for both front and rear passengers as they open wide for entry and exit. The car’s boot can be accessed via an electronic release. It is also equipped with a Parkatronic Sensor system which comes in handy while parking. It should be noted though that due to its length and width, it is a difficult car to park.

To wrap things up, the Mercedes S Class offers an image that is unmatchable for passengers but having this kind of car is definitely a big responsibility as it needs an excellent handling. Definitely, the car isn’t suitable to become an official family car. It isn’t designed to be kid-friendly and children could cause a lot of expensive damage to the car’s interior in a very short amount of time.

For people who are planning to buy their first car, owning this one is a bad choice for the fact that that is completely unsuitable for novice drivers, not to mention that it would be difficult to find an insurance company willing to give coverage.


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