Meraki's Solar Powered Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Kit

Meraki’s Solar Powered Wi-Fi Access makes the world go green.

The good thing about Meraki’s solar powered outdoor Wi-Fi access kit is that it is the company’s first green gadget. If environmental-friendly gizmos still make you a skeptic regarding the specs, wait till you see what it has to offer.

The Meraki Outdoor kit can provide Internet access to several number of homes while sharing one connection. It can be installed easily, either on a wall or pole, and provides high speed connections for only $1 or $2 per month.

Its effectiveness can be seen on communities that do not have enough electricity as it has a repeater that broadcasts signals without the use of any electrical source. Along with the web hosting management, the Meraki Dashboard, the Internet service is monitored and configured so as to ensure better connection even during peak hours of usage.

The Meraki Outdoor repeater has weatherproof plastic and easy-to-mount features as well as a dual SSID that can support both private and public networks, a 700-feet signal reach and two 100-megabyte Ethernet ports. This great, green gizmo costs at about $99.

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