Meraki Mini Outdoor

Meraki Mini Outdoor

Meraki Networks originally started out as a research project at MIT, but has grown into a full-pledged company that envisions to bring affordable Internet access to people and making money off excess bandwidths.

How would Meraki makes it possible? Plugging Meraki Mini into the Cable or DSL modem and installing the Dashboard software into the PC makes sharing cable and DSL connection possible. This mini acts as a gateway, allowing anyone within range to share the single connection to the Internet. It can cover an apartment building, an entire apartment or even an entire city.

The Meraki Mini Outdoor can share bandwidth even with snow, sleet, wind, hail and direct sunlight, as it is weatherproof. It is cased in a UV-resistant plastic case and an external port for Ethernet. This 0.75 lb. gadget can be operated under temperature from -20°F – 130°F and can mounted with screws or U-bolts.

The package contains outdoor case with a pre-installed Meraki Mini, a 25" Cat-5 Ethernet cable which can be exchanged for different cable, a 2 dBi omni-directional antenna or external antenna and a power over Ethernet dongle and 18V AC adapter. A one year hardware warranty is included after purchase.

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