Memoto Wearable Digital Camera

Many people would like to keep tabs of what they are doing on a daily basis as a sort of their own personal history. If it is possible, almost everyone would somehow like to keep a record of everything that they do or experience on a span of a day. But most of the time, people can easily get distracted by many everyday things that they tend to forget about their initial means of recording their life. The new and unique Memoto would like to help you out with a simple way to help you record your life on a daily basis.

The Memoto is a project concept about developing a small pocket digital camera that will allow users to keep an image history about their own daily lives without having to deal with all the usual preparation needed just in order to do so. The objective of this small camera prototype is to be compact, wearable and automatically capture a photo every 30 seconds, keeping a visual record of one’s life daily. Consider it as a digital personal journal made out of photos.

The Memoto is also to have a GPS feature where it can also take a record of one’s location and timestamps which can then be added into the stream of photos that a person may be able to accumulate. A special app will also make it possible for users to directly access and browse the photos and choose among the most meaningful ones.

The desired Memoto device is one that is easily wearable and would contain no buttons. The tiny digital camera takes pictures automatically every 30 seconds, geotags each one of them and then organizes them for easy browsing later. The makers have already designed a prototype for a device as well as finished the circuit board which will be used for the device. What the Swedish makers initially did not have when the idea came about was the capital to build such a device. That is why they seek the help of Kickstarter. So far the makers have more than quadrupled their initial capital request. What’s is left to do now is for the makers to miniaturize the circuit board to fit into the desired tiny device profile ¬†which will take about a month or two to complete. Then there is still the actual production process to worry about. But aside from that, what the initial funders of the project only need to do is wait until the final product comes out. The Momoto project is still open for funding at Kickstarter until the end of November. Expected delivery of the device will be around March of 2013.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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