Melomind Relaxation Headset

MelomindWe live in an increasingly stressful world. It is becoming more and more difficult for people to find ways to relax in their very busy daily schedule. It is becoming more of a luxury to just sit back and relax. But then again, you can still worry and stress over things just by doing so. You may need a device to help you relax when you do find a moment to do so in your daily grind. The Melomind Relaxation Headset may be the device you will need.

The Melomind is a special headset developed by myBrain Technologies to provide a means for people relax in the most effective way possible. The device is equipped with sensors that monitor brain activity viewable from a smartphone or tablet app. The headset connects to your portable device and the app via Bluetooth. The device then monitors your brain activity and will help guide you through the relaxation process with the help of music.

With the Melomind headset on, you can put on your earphones and begin a relaxing audio journey specially composed by sound designers to make you relax. The sounds change and are modulated based on your own brain activity. The device then records the result of each session and provides you with data of your progress through your personal profile. It is a good relaxation tool to use during coffee breaks, lunch or any other time you can spare to detach from the stressful grind for awhile. The Melomind can help you cope up better from your stressful life by making those brief relaxation breaks matter. The Melomind is currently available for pre-order at their site for $299. There are no exact details yet on when it will be available.

Image Source: Melomind

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