The Meitu T8 Smartphone Takes Some Serious Selfies

The smartphones today are no longer just a device that you can use to call or message friends, work colleagues or loved ones. They have taken on a more versatile function that makes them that one-all-and-be-all device that people can’t leave home without. It has even become the device of choice for taking pictures, replacing what those portable digital cameras used to do. The smartphone may even be credited for the increasing popularity of taking selfies. New smartphones like the Meitu T8 has been designed and developed with that in mind- taking some serious quality selfies.

The Meitu T8 Smartphone comes with a unique feature in a front camera not yet found among current models in the market. This new smartphone features a 12MP selfie-side camera with Dual Pixel PDAF technology, providing photo quality and performance in its front camera that’s comparable to DSLR models. Not only that, the front camera also features auto focus, Optical Image Stabilization, and proprietary noise-reducing ISP and smart fill light features, allowing for quick focus and clearer and sharper photos even in lowlight conditions. These features are also shared with the smartphone’s 21MP rear camera.

The Meitu T8 Smartphone comes with a ten-core processor along with a 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM combo. This Android smartphone also features a 5.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen with FHD resolution. Other features include a 3,580 mAh battery capable of fast charging, a fingerprint sensor, USB Type C port, compatible multiple LTE networks, multiple sensors, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi connectivity and more. The Meitu T8 Smartphone is now available mainly in China, where the standard model costing around $479.

Image Source:  Meitu

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