Mega Stomp Panic: Audio fun for cosplay

Mega Stomp Panic

Mega Stomp Panic

Dressing up for Halloween has become a big deal not only for children, but also for adults. You want to show up at parties with the wittiest, most realistic costume, so why not take it to the next level? The Mega Stomp Panic add another dimension to your cosplay by projecting realistic sounds as you step or stomp. Enter the room and move like you are a cowboy, a robot, a zombie, or even a peg-legged pirate.

Simply clip the Mega Stomp Panic to your pants, turn the power on, and choose your sound effect. The rest is up to you as you walk like a boss. You can wear it over or underneath your costume if you do not want the device’s LED lights to ruin your cosplay experience.

Mega Stomp Panic

The secret is right within the device, using a solid-state accelerometer that senses your body’s vertical motion. If your body moves more, the accelerometer assumes you have stomped, signaling the audio-projecting mechanism.

Other sounds the Mega Stomp Panic can do are gigantic monster crushing buildings, medieval knight walking in plate armor, an 8-bit gaming hero collecting virtual coins, and even splashing in puddles. It works on 4 AAA batteries, lasting for up to 8 hours of continuous use.

Manufactured by ThinkGeek, the Mega Stomp Panic is now available online for only $29.99.

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