Meet The Pilot, The Smart Earpiece That Can Break Language Barriers

Pilot Smart Earpiece

smart EarpieceTechnology has long been a friend to many people. It has led to the development of many of life conveniences today. Not only that, it is also the reason why we continue to advance and progress. In many ways, technology is also able to foster a better understanding of each other. It can help people break the language barrier by providing ways to convert and translate foreign words into understandable knowledge. But now, it will even be taken to new heights with the Pilot, the smart earpiece that can translate languages as they are spoken.

With wearable technology becoming popular, the Pilot smart earpiece serves a valuable function for the wearer, especially when it comes to understanding someone else speaking a different language. According to its developers, the Pilot will be able to provide translated material in real time. The set comes with two earpieces, one for you and the other for someone who speaks the same language. The earpiece can then translate the spoken words and allow two people speaking different languages understand each other right then and there. There’s no need to whip out a pocket translator or type our the words you want to convey through a device. The Pilot smart earpiece takes care of these inconveniences and lets you focus on trying to say what you mean, even to someone from a different country.

The Pilot smart earpiece attaches to a smart phone and uses it to help with the processing. This makes it possible for the developers to make it as small as it is. While it really becomes an exciting way to understand people better, you may need to wait a little bit as the Pilot is not yet available in the market. It is currently available for pre-order at the Waverley Labs for around $300.

Image Source: Waverley Labs

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