Meet Cubii, Your Exercise Pal At The Office

CubiiMore and more people are following an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Modern technology may be partly blamed for this. It has allowed people to enjoy more and more conveniences that prevent them from exerting physical effort to achieve something. A typical workday for most people in these modern times no longer requires people to go out or work, in the physical sense.

Office workers usually stay seated in their workstations all day. They do not get to burn the calories they take in. In short, people are not getting the right amount of physical activity they need daily. This can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle with less and less physical exercise. But that will no longer be a problem, with technology also trying to find ways to counteract this problem. A device like the new Cubii may just be what people need to stay fit even at the office.

The Cubii is an interesting portable sitting exercise device that will help office workers stay fit. People no longer need to go out and exercise to stay fit. With the Cubii, they can continue burning calories even while at work. That is because Cubii is a sleek and portable elliptical trainer that people can place under their work desks. It is designed so that users can use it while keeping their knees low enough not to bump the underside of their desk. High technology also comes with the design of the Cubii as it can also connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the companion app, users can keep track of their performance using the Cubii and even share it with others.

The Cubii is an interesting way for people at the office to stay fit while at work. It might just provide people with the means to keep fit even when they do not have the time to head to the gym on a regular basis. It is currently on a Kickstarter campaign to collect the funds needed to put the device in the market. It has reached is goal and may just find its way into offices near you. If interested, you can head out to their Kickstarter page to know more about the Cubii.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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