MEDIVista Solution With Fully Digital Triple-Play Entertainment

MEDIVista Solution

MEDIVista provides hospitals with a unique solution that patient would surely be happy about. Spending some hospital time can become boring for patients. It can even make them feel restless and feel even more stressed. MEDIVista is a solution that will take care of all that and will help give patients with something to keep them occupied.

MEDIVista from Lincor Solutions is an integrated solution that delivers digital entertainment and communication capabilities right at the patient’s bedside. With MEDIVista, patients may have a wider range of entertainment and communication options made available for them. This would help improve satisfaction levels in terms of hospital stays alone.

The MEDIVista system allows patient to have access to the Internet right from their bedside. This way, patients can check emails and their favorite websites even while at the hospital. The MEDIVista solution also provides digital entertainment such as television and movies-on-demand that would always keep patients occupied instead of brooding or getting bored throughout their hospital stay.

Not only that, the MEDIVista solution can also be used by medical personnel as an access platform to hospital information systems for improved convenience. Important hospital data such as electronic patient records as well as access to various hospital services make MEDIVista a versatile solution that would help make the hospital experience more bearable and convenient for patients and medical professionals alike.

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