Medion Akoya S5610 Laptop

Medion Akoya Laptop

The Medion Akoya S5610 laptop is what you would somehow see in most laptops today. The Medion Akoya does not seem to have any unique features making it stand out from other laptops already in the market. What is probably its only unique characteristic is that it uses Intel’s new Centrino 2 Technology.

The new Centrino 2 Technology is said to provide the Medion Akoya with better wireless support and better overall performance. And this laptop does with its 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo P7350 processor. The laptop also features 3 GB RAM, and the new Intel WiFi Link 5100 chipset, allowing wireless support for longer range and faster link speeds.

Featured in the Medion Akoya laptop is a 320 GB hard disk, a 15.4 in display and a slim laptop design housing its 2.7 kg weight. This laptop is not your out of the ordinary type of gadget. It just seems to blend well along with the other laptops already available in the market. This laptop is available at Medionshop for 499.99 UK pounds. This laptop may not yet be available in US shores.

Image Source: Medion

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