Meccanoid G15 Robot

Meccanoid G15 RobotBoth kids and adults are fascinated with robots. The technology available today allows manufacturers to create robotic toys specially designed for kids. Kids can even have a chance to play with an interactive robot that they can also modify and control with the likes of the Meccanoid G15 Robot.

The Meccanoid G15 Robot is an interactive robot that moves, speaks and even “sees”. This personal robot is a smaller version of its larger Meccanoid G15 KS brother that was first introduced at CES 2015. The new Meccanoid G15 Robot stands two feet tall and is a slimmer version of its brother. But it has the same functions and features that kids and kids at heart can both experiment with.

The Meccanoid G15 Robot comes with a default body with large eyes surrounded by LEDs. You can rearrange the parts to modify and create your own robot. It comes with the Mecca Brain that provides the robot with functions and features that make it come alive. The set comes with 275 parts, 4 servos and 2 motors.  This robot is capable of moving, talking as well as imitating your movements. You can also program it to follow a desired movement manually by simply moving the robot arms. The robot can then repeat those movements. You can also control the Meccanoid G15 Robot through your smartphone via Bluetooth with the required mobile app. Kids will also be able to play games and have conversations with the robot. It can record and repeat voices that kids teach it to say. A kid-friendly app will enable kids to experiment with what they can make the robot do.

Although it may sound like a complicated toy for serious hobbyists, the Meccanoid G15 Robot small and handy enough for kids responsible enough to take care of such a toy. The parts are easy to set up and connect in different configurations. It helps kids learn about robotics at an early age and opens up the possibilities for them to become creative when trying to build their own robot. The Meccanoid G15 Robot is expected to be available sometime this fall at somewhere around $179. That is affordable enough for such a toy robot.

Image Source: Meccano

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