Meanwhile in Russia, Linux to Become Mandatory

Microsoft and Europe have a very rocky relationship. Back in 2007, the European Union fined Microsoft US$613 million, the largest fine the organization has ever imposed, due to violation of its competition law. Since then, Windows-powered computers that are being sold in Europe do not have the default Windows Media Player and (after several years) Internet Explorer.

Meanwhile in Russia, its government plans of ridding Microsoft out of its system as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered all government agencies will be running on open-source software, particularly Linux, by 2015. The government will lay out a pilot program to ease the transition from Microsoft to open-source software beginning second quarter of 2012.

The falling out stems from the legal battles Russia faces with the software giant, as Business Software Alliance estimates that 69% of software used in the country are pirated.

Source: Computer World, via CrunchGear

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