Maxell Introduces Its Vibrabone Headphones

The demand for better headphones never seems to cease. That may be the reason why new headphones are being introduced almost every month. Although most of them may offer the same features in terms of the technology used, there are others like the new Maxell Vibrabone Headphones that may offer something unique for a change.

Hitachi Maxell recently introduced in the Japanese market he new Vibrabone HP-VBC40 Headphones which makes use of unique but existing technology to produce better sound output. The Vibrabone in-ear headphones make use of vibration and bone conduction in order to produce deep bass sounds and better audio reproduction, despite its small size. This makes it quite ideal for use especially for portable devices such as, smartphones, mobile devices and portable music players. The Maxell Vibrabone HP-VBC40 Headphones is expected to enter the Japanese market by April 25 and may cost around 4,000 Japanese Yen or US$48.

Image Source: Hitachi Maxell

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