Matrix Introduces The Thermoelectric Energy Generating PowerStation

Modern living environments need power to develop and progress. In the case of mega-cities and urban areas, they crave for it. Increasing dependence on technology has people looking into more and more sources of power.  Many have gone to using renewable sources for unlimited power. But it comes at a cost. But still the hunger for power still remains. And to help alleviate that, companies try to offer many other solutions. In the case of Matrix Industries, it is their innovative PowerStation.

The Matrix PowerStation is the first-of-its-kind integrated thermoelectric energy generator. It harvests power from the temperature fluctuations in the ambient air around it. This is made possible by the innovative energy harvesting technologies that come built-in to the PowerStation.

The Matrix PowerStation features the Matrix Gemini TEG, a tiny thermoelectric generator that can produce energy from small temperature changes and is 30 percent more efficient than other TEG’s in the market. It also comes equipped with the Mercury Boost Converter, which amplifies the electrical output produced by the Gemini TEG. It is also three times more energy efficient.  The Matrix PowerStation also features the Luna Phase Change Material, which helps convert even the smallest temperature changes into electricity. All together, these technologies allow the Matrix PowerStation to produce electric power from its immediate environment.

In order to help with its wide adoption, the company has already started working with different partners, including companies from various industries and the government to find viable ways  integrate the PowerStation into existing infrastructure to provide clean, sustainable, and reliable power when needed.

Image Source: Matrix Industries

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