Matias Quiet Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard

People using a mechanical keyboard usually look for accuracy in every key press. But while it may be the most accurate keyboards around in terms of eliminating lags, there might be an issue with the noise of the keys when typing. The Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may just help eliminate some of these noise issues.

The Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may be considered as one of the quietest mechanical keyboard in the market today. It makes use of the Matias new Quiet Click mechanical switches in order to provide lesser click noise without affecting tactile feedback. This makes it ideal for use in group settings where silence is always precious. It also comes with 3 extra USB 2.0 ports where users can connect other USB devices. Laser etched keys ensure that the key symbols last for years and years of use. The Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard is available at Matias for US$150.

Image Source: Matias

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