Matali Crasset’s Concentre De Vie

When it comes to furniture, there are usually two things that people always have in mind. People usually look for comfortable as well as stylish design when choosing furniture such as a couch. When a simple couch just won’t do, there are several stylish designs like what the Concentre De Vie couch can offer.

The Concentre De Vie is a uniquely designed couch created by French designer Matali Crasset for Italian furniture brand Campeggi. It is stylish and yet uniquely designed in so many ways. It is still designed for comfort and yet provides those stylish lines to make it quite attractive.

The Concentre De Vie is designed as a sofa with comfy oversized cushions and removable arm rests. Able to seat two people, the oversized cushions that make up the sofa is removable from its base and can be made into two separate seats with the armrest cushion transforming into a comfy footrest to complement the new cushioned seats. The sofa base is padded so that it also becomes its own legless sofa to accommodate more people. You can even use it as an additional bed to sleep on for guests that needs to stay for the night.

Such a unique and yet functional design makes the Concentre De Vie quite an appealing piece of sofa to have at home. The design makes it look inviting enough to sit on and has these added features that people will surely welcome. For those who might be interested in having this sofa at home, you might be able to get it at Campeggi once it becomes available.

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